Book Review

The Vertical Self

I just finished a new book from Mark Sayers and I am thankful for the reminder it provides that my identity is in something so much different from success, popularity, materials… it is in a God that loved me with grace that I will never understand.

The Vertical Self, Sayers’ book that Thomas Nelson publishing provided to me to review, attempts to lay out “how Biblical faith can help us discover who we are in an age of self obsession,” and it does a pretty good job of opening our eyes to the way in which we live and posture ourselves. Too often we have a horizontal focus, thinking of things around us as giving us identity and comfort and Sayers shakes us out of that posture, reminding us to be vertically focused on the provision and person of God.

I think the book is written to a younger audience and it is an easy read. It stands next to other calls against idolatry such as Tim Keller’s Counterfeit Gods, with crisp storytelling and wisdom. This is not a theologically definitive piece of work but it guides reader to search after God in place of the systems our culture has attempted to use in his place.

Sayers sees an opportunity for a whole generation of newly vertically minded individuals living in community with each other and spreading the hope we only find in Jesus by dismissing the “cool” and learning to harness our desires to give God glory.

Over all The Vertical Self is a good book to start a conversation and pursuit towards God. Now here is to living vertically!