What Are You Resolving Toward?

The other day I saw someone tweet that they were hesitant to take on a new fitness challenge into the new year, something they needed, because people would essentially make fun of them for setting resolutions. After all, no one keeps resolutions.

The opposite is true. People do keep resolutions. All the time in fact and not just at New Years. If people could not keep the determination to make changes in life, there would never be any and we would all be dead. But the social backlash or fun-making at the crowds at the gym at the beginning of the year is perhaps a coping mechanism with our own inability to live a resolved life.

Spiritually, we rejoice that salvation is not kept by our ability. It is secure, kept, and brought all the way home by Christ himself. Then in the natural we realize that Jesus won’t eat less sugar for us. While we are helped by the Holy Spirit we still have to shut the pie hole, run the miles, read the books, enjoy the out-of-doors, build relationships with family and friends, spend less or more strategically, and whatever it is you should be resolved about!

So go ahead and make that change. Plan to do it, make a resolution. I am cheering you on and you will find it is worth it.


We are all thinking about it and our culture encourages it. New Year resolutions are being dusted off, imagined and shared as we approach 2011 and sadly most of us will be resolving for the wrong things.

I am guilty of it for sure. I have the extra pounds to shed, I could be saving more money (or any at all!) and maybe I should finally write that book… but these resolutions have failed before and I have no expectation that this year is any different. Of course I could be more holy in my resolutions; perhaps a routine prayer time, or more focused devotions and consistent church attendance. But I having feeling I might fail at these too.

Maybe for the Christian resolving needs to be a daily exercise, but not one that looks at the flab in the mirror or attempts to be something we are not but instead a resolve to be Christlike and realize our new lives in him. Are we resolving to embrace the cross and recognize what was accomplished there both for us and God’s glory? What would our new year look like if we resolved to pursue holiness not for public acclaim but as a response to Christ’s work in us?

This year these are questions I want to pursue and I want to be about consistent resolve to pursue Christ like never before. It can’t be something I evaluate on day 3 but instead live constantly. Here is to a new year and a continued resolve…