Freedom for freedom’s sake…

I haven’t spent much time talking about the goings on in North Africa or the Middle East mostly because I have been hunkered down with school and work. While the American media is more inclined to tell an audience what Charlie Sheen is up to, I have still been trying to stay on top of events in the region.

The unrest is interesting to me because people are finding their voice for the first time and expressing their displeasure with corrupt and uncaring leadership. It is a pursuit of freedom – one the U.S. only experienced in such a raw form over 200 years ago. In these countries though, a new freedom has much greater implication than who taxes a people. This “Jasmine Revolution” is about an openness an autonomy the region has never realized in history. And perhaps for the first time, a whole generation will have the opportunity to hear of Christ.

I don’t expect a dramatic conversion of nations over night but just the opportunity to present truth in these lands with be a significant change. While Egypt has a large Christian population, countries like Tunisia or Libya have few indigenousness believers. Maybe things will shift in this season.

In our global context, freedom is no longer only pursued for freedom’s sake. The ramifications are so much larger and vitally important. My prayer is that those seeking freedom realize true and complete freedom in the gospel…