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God at Work

Last week David Platt hosted a simulcast to promote the launch of his new book and communicate the urgent need for gospel-spreading ministry to happen in our day.

I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but there was one key story with a brother in a restricted country a buddy shared with me. It is so stirring and leaves me praying “do it again Lord!”

The story begins at 1:02:53 of the video if the link doesn’t play from there.


Pleasing Daily Aroma

“Is there a more pleasing daily aroma that wafts up to the throne than the daily coming to Jesus of men and women around the globe, incense from every nation and every people? How pleasant that aroma must be when it ascends from a resistant people… Rare aromas can be especially delightful. We no longer offer lambs and grains upon physical altars, we now offer sacrifices of praise. How pleasant those praises when they spring forth in the tongues of unreached peoples.” – Dick Brogden

HT: Matt Pilgrim


Worthwhile February 8, 2019

We have been suffering through a cold snap here in SoCal, lows in the 30’s, and it is really more than I can bear! Seriously, it is amazing how thin my blood is. I need a stocking cap and coat when it is 60 degrees. Sad and brilliant at the same time!

What should you check out this week? Keep reading and grab a couple of ideas!

Alan Frow, pastor at Southlands Brea gives a glimpse of his forthcoming book in a post about the transient nature of California. If you have wondered what ministry looks like in the Golden State, here is a good look.

Much similar in the transience of life in D.C. but with a different disposition toward engaging in the church and being rooted where you are.

“Californian transience makes building community an extremely taxing pursuit. Honestly, leading a church in California can be like planting tumbleweed. The moment you think someone is putting roots down, they just roll on down the road to a new job, a new town, a new church or just a new adventure. The temptation can be to cling feverishly to every single person who is rooted and committed because they’re such a rare breed. Sending your best can feel like you’re intentionally trying to kill your church!”

I am thankful to know Alan and glean of his wisdom. Read his post here.

How about “apostolic passion?” Now don’t get all nervous at the use of the “A” word! This is an old article from Floyd McClung on Mission Frontiers about what it means to be passionate about being sent to make Jesus known.

Ready to abandon normal life, focus on being sent and rely on Jesus in prayer. This is an article I need to keep reading and go back to. How am I living sent? Let it stir you.