Piper and the Pulpit

Lots of folks in the ministry realm will be talking about John Piper’s decision to take an eight month leave from speaking and pastoring to focus on his marriage and defeating pride in his life. John Piper is a prolific writer and he passionately presents what he prayerfully believes to be truth and while some may not agree with his tone or truth, they can’t disagree that he has had a significant impact on Christianity in the U.S.

Piper’s decision comes after he noticed “several species” of pride in his soul that grieves him and he wants to rid his life of that and be the caring husband he is supposed to be.

While there will be much discussion about sabbaticals and leaves I think the challenging thing is that Piper is man enough to step away from his industry to focus on his marriage and family. Ministry or not, most of us fail to set boundaries and we pursue our careers over our loved ones or we allow our pride to fuel our pursuit and end up in the wrong place.

As I look at shifting into a life of ministry I pray that I am half the man that Piper is and that I can be the husband that Stacy deserves and the father that Iona deserves.