Talk of the evil one…

When was the last time you talked about Satan? In your sermons, in your regular conversations, in your prayer? We live in a culture that ignores the motivator of evil and pride. I even notice when I insert a comment on how “the enemy” doesn’t like what we are doing, it feels like I am a little weird. Maybe we need to remind ourselves a little bit more of the work of Satan and how he has been and will be finally defeated because of Christ’s work on the cross. Justin Buzzard has posted a good reminder as he thinks about the spiritual condition of his context:

“So, preachers, I propose a solution: put Satan in your sermons. We need to talk about the Enemy much more often.

“Satan hates you, he hates your church, he hates your city, and he hates your sermons. So, put Satan in your sermons. Not every sermon, but he should be making regular appearances in your sermons as you preach your Bible, point people to Jesus, and teach them how to fight the fight of faith.”