Paying Attention

I have noticed something quite worrisome as of late. No one pays attention. There seems to be too much information coming at us each day and to be honest, we are all narcisistic so we have little attention span for worthwhile things unless we are convinced they are about us.

The email that you receive but don’t read. The article you skim without absorbing (that’s me). The conversation you can’t track with because your mind is across the room. Noise upon noise and we don’t know how to listen right, hear what is said or read what is written. (Knowing this I realize the slim chance anyone will read this!)

Then reading a book on Missions by Andy Johnson I came across this gem:

“I once rented a vacation apartment on the sixth floor of a building with no elevator. The owner had been very clear in every email, stating, “This apartment is on the sixth floor and there is no elevator.” Still, the significance of her disclosure didn’t really hit me until I was panting on the fifth-floor landing, hauling suitcase number two of three up the winding stairs. Yet, as I stood there trying to remember the symptoms of a heart attack, I couldn’t feel angry toward the owner. She had been up-front about it, all along. I should have paid more attention.”

Oh man, this is good. We all have stories like this because we don’t pay enough attention.

Think about it. Awaken to what’s important. And please pay attention!

My Phone is not so Smart Anymore

In an effort to save a bit of money each month and to attack the information crutch I have come to rely on, I have moved to a non-data phone. No more checking emails and twitter from bed, or the car or the plane or anywhere I don’t have my computer for that matter.

I love technology and I love information but there comes a point where we are taking in more than is beneficial and I think dwelt in that place for too long. While I want to interact with information with good intent, I don’t want that interaction to distract me from the things in life I need to be paying attention to.

So now I have an extra $30 in my pocket and some breathing room in a culture that doesn’t allow for much!

Over the next few months I imagine I will realize more of this type of change and it excites me to think through what life can be like…