Preaching Notes

Joshua Harris has compiled an exciting collection of preaching notes from influential pastors (of the Reformed sort) and is putting them all on display on his blog.

There are notes from Ray Ortland, Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney and Harris himself among others. One perhaps telling set of notes are those from Mark Driscoll, the neo-reformation’s bad boy. Driscoll sent Harris a pdf of his Bible with two post-it notes stuck inside. Turns out that Driscoll’s preparation it to “pretty much scratch a few words on a sticky tab and maybe in pencil put a few words in the margin and get up and go for an hour-ish. Most of the jokes, cross references, illustrations etc. are made up on the spot while preaching. In that way I’m pretty Spirit lead.” Driscoll had declined to share his notes a year ago because there wasn’t much to share evidentially.

This is a great resource for pastors looking to tighten up their sermon notes or for those of us without a pulpit preparing to pastor one day. It certainly would be interesting to compare these notes with a collection of non-reformed,  quasi-famous pastors.