Book Review

Images of Advent

Most years when December hits and the Christmas season gets underway our family scrambles to prepare well. We don’t want to lose the hope and longing for Christ in the midst of a commercialized cultural moment. So to that end, we have tried a number of different books, guides, and calendars to get our hearts fully engaged in Advent (the month-long reminder and celebration of the arrival of Jesus and expectation of his return). But each year we feel like we have to start over with materials more appropriate for our season of life and worthwhile for our kids.

This year, instead of hunting for and ordering what might work, Stacy set out to write a devotional for our family that would make much of Jesus and instill an increasing sense of hope in our hearts. The result is our Images of Advent Family Devotional.

Image 11-29-18 at 3.43 PMImages of Advent shares Scripture and a simple devotional with questions for the days leading to Christmas. There is also a paper ornament families get to decorate for each day as a reminder of the good news of Jesus at Christmas.

We are excited to freely give print copies to our friends at Reservoir Church this Sunday but for those of you far off we are glad to make the pdf of the devotional available to you to download.

Please feel free to print, share, and enjoy Jesus in the Images of Advent Family Devotional. Click the links to download:

Images of Advent.

Advent Ornaments.


Quenching Thirst

The image of what has occurred in Christ and what we have hope in for the future is often pictured as refreshing water. “Come all who thirst and drink of the water without price” (Isaiah 55:1, Revelation 22:7… even Jesus in John 7).

This is what the gospel is really, a cool drink of water, freely given to parched souls, thirsty people in need of refreshment and hydration. Many of us have realized this in real ways in our lives. A big piece of the picture though is that this water is not meant only for you. It is meant to flow from you for others.

As a people we are called to drink deeply of the good news of Jesus – his life, death and resurrection – together, in community, making sure everyone among us is staying “hydrated” in the gospel. And we take this water to those dying of thirst around us. Those that have been drinking all kinds of other things;  the sand of success, the sugar of pleasure or the dust of self, all leaving them parched and withering. Like drops of life comes the freely given forgiveness and freedom in Jesus.

Believing in him and seeing how he gives us his righteousness and a future of hope, we are revived, flourishing as we were meant. As Christians we sit above a reservoir of this water of life, let’s tap it and give it freely and frequently.

Today, determine to drink more of the goodness of Christ and share your cup with the thirsty.