The Tree of Life

“He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” Genesis 3:11

The moment of curse. The shame. The violation. The removal of the relationship that was good. The pity. The brokenness.

Blood was shed to cover their nakedness. They were given a promise of resolution… One day it, He, would come.

“We are all the same. We have plucked fruit from that forbidden tree. We have proudly declared that we know best, that we can take care of ourselves. We have crowned ourselves deities. “Have you eaten from the tree?” Oh, yes and yes, over and over again in ways both glaring and hidden.”

“But the God-man has been slain. The Lamb’s blood has been spilt, and it covers us. Ours rags have been replaced with his robes. The garden has been reopened; we’ve been invited back in. “Here, eat of this, it will give you life.”

“Eat from the blessed tree, dear friend. Eat and eat and never stop. When you are hungry for something else, something more, something new, run to that tree. Stay there; rest in his shade. The door is open; the meal is ready. Sit down and eat.”

Let us celebrate this Easter, and every day. It is finished. He is ours, we are his. Enjoy!

Lenten devotion from Comforts from the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick. Day 31.


I wonder how many people who warmed pews across the world yesterday still do not believe that Jesus is God. How often must we remind ourselves that this faith is not a cultural experience, it is not a family tradition, it is not a social outlet, it is not a moral obligation, it is not a do-good-for-goodness-sake activity. This faith is for the glory of God alone – that he died for us to satisfy the wrath against sin and to be further glorified.

Our attempts as intellectually unwrapping the historical story fail because we refuse God. What is it that you believe..?

Pagans and Their Fertility Celebrations…

Easter is upon us; some will rejoice in the arrival of Spring with candy goodness brought to us by the ever fertile bunny and some of us will rejoice in the eternal victory of sin and death that Christ’s resurrection provides. But where do these two ideas meet? Clearly in commercialization and with slick marketing.

I suppose there are┬ásimilarities; Spring brings new life and indicates the vibrancy of creation, similar to the new life we have in Christ as he took on our sins and met the wrath that sin deserved, only to defeat it in the sacrifice and exist victoriously beyond a risen savior. One is clearly more important, one is just for fun. In the fun, and the obligatory church visit, I pray that we don’t miss the opportunity. I pray we preach the resurrection and the new life found in Christ. This victory is too vital to keep to ourselves and too important for just one day in Spring…