Love DC: The End

We have come to the end of April and the end of our “Love DC” posts on what is great and unique about this city. We have missed so much in review and Stacy and I will miss so much when we actually move.

As we come to an end though I can help but highlight the thing we love the most about DC, our friends.

We have to start with the Gonzales’ since they set us up (hoping I would be a rebound relationship for Stacy), they let us complain when we need to, they watch Iona when we need to get something done around the house or need a date. Other couples that are close and will be miss are the Ferrignos, the Mercers, the Powers, and the Shapiros.

The “Nebraskans” have been solid friends for my whole time in DC, the Lugo-Grillos, Jeff and Mel, “aunt” Megan and “uncle” John and the glue of the group, Darin. We have watched 5 years of Husker football together, and we have shared so much in this life…

For me there is also the “Cabal,” Jake, Jayson, Nate, Will, John and Ben. We talk about theology but as of late we have been talking about all the crazy places God is taking us and it is exciting. These men are doing and bound to do great things for the kingdom of God and if I had to suggest a group of minister “to watch” it would be this group.

There is our NCC family, too many to name but those with great influence on me have been people like Dennis Bourne, Heather Zempel, and all those that work so hard to put together and be hospitable at our weekend gatherings.

And while I could go on as the list of those we love in DC is long, I will end with the guys I have failed to disciple well! Ben Todd, this guys is solid in his faith and yearns to know God more. With Ben a mentor relationship has taught the mentor more and it is exciting to see him in a career that he grew up wanting and marrying a woman that loves only Jesus more than she loves Ben. Ben Brophy, this poor guy has to share an office with me at work and he probably wouldn’t mind someone more supportive and less will to treat him like a little brother. Over the last year Ben has grown so much in his faith and he challenges me as he lives out service to others. I can’t wait to see what the rest of his life and walk bring. Then there is Tim Lyons, the old deputy. Tim worked with me at the EPA and his hunger for life and work ethic are inspiring. With Tim, I have wanted so badly for him to share the hope we have in Christ that I have probably been mean and said all the wrong things, but he keeps coming back for more! I don’t know many people more reliable and I feel like the next chapter of Tim’s life is just starting. I am praying that these three continue to pursue God more than anything and that someone would come into my place and keep challenging them… of course they are not getting rid of me…

So I have missed tons of people and for that I apologize, you know who you are, you have poured into our lives and been great friends. You are the “thing” we will miss the most about DC… we love you.

Love DC: Student Presidents…

DC has to have the highest number of former student presidents per capita than anywhere else in the country. I was a student president and while my storied experience in winning the college popularity contest made it on my resume I often wonder if I would be in this town if I never held the job.

I once had a job in DC where four of the five people in the office had been student presidents and clearly some of us where not over it yet! My friends here, especially those from Nebraska, know I love to mention my “Presidency” so much that it has become a joke and honestly, when you have to rely on one achievement in the distant past, you probably need to get over it.

So DC is full of former student presidents, so much so you can almost use “where were you student president?” as an introductory question. Where you a student president? Did you at least try to be?

Love DC: Hating Metro

When I first moved to DC in 2004 I was so thankful for the DC Metro system. The buses worked well and the subway was easy and convenient. Then Obama got elected… (unrelated I am sure) and Metro went terribly downhill. Sadly, there have been deaths on the system that are shocking and the overall tone of Metro is one of “this is the way we are, deal with it.”

I have previously joked that Metro was the reason we were leaving DC and while it is not true, it could be. Service is inconsistent and courtesy is clearly not part of the training for Metro employees (with some exceptions.) Within the last year it seems that you are not a true local unless you hate on Metro. If DC residents can agree on one thing, it is that they don’t like Metro – and no one wants a fare increase…

So long Metro, you were good for a minute but then we had to break up.