Cultural Mourning

Today Prince died. It is a sad day. Among the greatest guitarists of a generation has passed away at just 57. We don’t wake up expecting “greats” to be lost but the march continues. All the more motivation to spread the good news of Jesus to those celebrated in culture and those cast out.

Watch the gift we lost at work (solo begins around 3:27).


History’s Hot Button Issue

It seems like this blog is becoming a sounding board for Matt Chandler sermons and while that is not the intention he just keeps preaching about some hard issues with clarity and grace that I have to share them.

Justin Taylor has highlighted a recent seminar that Chandler held at his Texas church on homosexuality. There is arguably no more divisive and difficult issue in our culture and in Christianity. But it is not a new one. While it may seem that its prevalence is growing it has been in play since the fall and how we react to it has to match how God’s grace does.

I personally know how difficult of an issue this is. Everyone is affected by it either directly or through friendships or family relationships. It is not easy but we are called to relentlessly pursue God and his glory alone and anything that stands in the way of that must be recognized, repented of and turned from.

In Justin Taylor’s post there is close to two hours of video that every Christian should attentively watch and prayerfully respond to. Chandler looks biblically and culturally at the issue and then fields questions via text on all facets of the issue. It is well worth the time. Watch it here.


Love DC: H Street NE

We will be moving from one H Street in DC to another “H” street in Portland but we love our current neighborhood and the potential it holds. In DC, H Street NE was a product of the 1968 riots – a burnt out shell of what once was a bustling retail and cultural area. Thankfully, some brave local residents and developers decided to take on the famous street and see it reborn.

Today on H Street you have a wide selection of great restaurants, coffee shops, artist collectives, theaters and construction. As the DC government puts in rail tracks for the forthcoming trolley cars, there has been a headache or two for local businesses but the promise of progress allows the neighborhood to thrive.

Clearly H Street is the newest hot spot in DC culture and we were so lucky to live so close to the transformation. We can’t wait to visit and see what the neighborhood looks like in 10 years…