What Are You Resolving Toward?

The other day I saw someone tweet that they were hesitant to take on a new fitness challenge into the new year, something they needed, because people would essentially make fun of them for setting resolutions. After all, no one keeps resolutions.

The opposite is true. People do keep resolutions. All the time in fact and not just at New Years. If people could not keep the determination to make changes in life, there would never be any and we would all be dead. But the social backlash or fun-making at the crowds at the gym at the beginning of the year is perhaps a coping mechanism with our own inability to live a resolved life.

Spiritually, we rejoice that salvation is not kept by our ability. It is secure, kept, and brought all the way home by Christ himself. Then in the natural we realize that Jesus won’t eat less sugar for us. While we are helped by the Holy Spirit we still have to shut the pie hole, run the miles, read the books, enjoy the out-of-doors, build relationships with family and friends, spend less or more strategically, and whatever it is you should be resolved about!

So go ahead and make that change. Plan to do it, make a resolution. I am cheering you on and you will find it is worth it.

Following trails already blazed!

1395838154Stacy and I have a dear friend who has been doing some amazing work as a yoga instructor and general life-encourager in Washington, D.C. Angelyn has been handing out inspiration and tools for a few years and when our family first moved West to pursue ministry She gave me the opportunity to share our story.

This week she invited me back to give an update and talk about all the transitions that have come since then.You can read the interview here. I encourage you to check it out!

The Busyness of Daylight Savings

We are in the midst of the “day after.” It is the day after we in the U.S. Spring ahead (more accurate, lose an hour of sleep.) It is a funny time as no one gets to the office on time and before you know it the day is over.

It amazes me how one hour of adjustment can throw such a wrench into our rhythm. It is such a simple change that we eventually adjust to but still it takes time to adapt. How else can we change our trajectory by just an hour – how can we change to radicalize our lives for the better?

While my wife and I think through a shift of “several hours” I wonder how refreshing and challenging it will be. I pray that we can be an example for our friends and inspire them to move the clock of their lives…