Being Undone May Be The Point

I want to commend to you the latest episode of the Spiritual Life & Leadership podcast from Markus Watson. In this episode Markus interviews A.J. Swoboda and discusses sabbath.

The remarkable, and important exchange comes early in the conversation when Swoboda talks about how sometimes sabbath undoes us, which is the point to get us to hear God and submit yet again to his way.

Our old normal left no margin. Constant noise, busy, full calendars. Never quiet, never just listening.

Perhaps then this pandemic is meant to undo us, so that we will find space to hear from the Lord again, to desire it. To truly rest not just metaphorically rest. I know it has been that for me. And I want more.

Grab the podcast wherever you listen to such things. And pursue sabbath.


The Busyness of Life and Rest of Christ

Ben Brophy has just come out of a busy season of work and he has winsomely uncovered truths for the Christian when life is on overdrive (something I think is pretty regular this time of year.) I commend his post to you.

The defining truth for the believer is that Christ is everything.

Christ is Everything

“There was a point where I turned to a co-worker and simply exclaimed ‘What does one do when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work and challenges that are hitting you?’ Before I finished the question, I knew the answer. I rest in Jesus. I found it important to remind myself that my work wouldn’t fulfill me, it doesn’t give my life meaning and even success is momentary before the next project has to be tackled. Basing your life on something more permanent, something divine and eternal provides a foundation that isn’t shaken easily. My value comes from my identity in Christ, from a loving God would reconcile me to himself by sending his son to die on the cross, not spreadsheets or tweets. If I didn’t have that rock to cling to, I don’t think I would have handled this season well.”

Well said, well lived. Go and do likewise.