Is the Gospel Enough?

During a recent leadership team meeting someone asked what to say in response to questions about families that have left our church during this replanting season. “What do we say when someone asks why?” I quickly responded, “Say that the gospel wasn’t enough for them.” Now my answer was a little tongue in cheek, there […]

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Prayer as a Legacy

Over the last several weeks I have had the opportunity to talk with a number of people of the biblical reality that our lives are a mist – a temporary and fading vapor. This can be terrible news if we live for our own legacy or achievements and they never come. Or it can be […]

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The Subtlest of All The Snares

“There was nothing more to prove. His occupation was clean gone. Of course if he would have only have admitted that he’d mistaken the means for the end and had a good laugh at himself he could have begun all over again like a little child and entered into joy. But he would not do […]

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The Pain of Progress

This week our youngest had major surgery to reconstruct her hips. I have been saying that she is being given hips that won’t lie. That’s the hope anyway! As she has been coming out of the anesthesia¬†and working toward pain management¬†and her normal personality, I am struck by the pain in her progress. Of course, […]

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