God at Work

Last week David Platt hosted a simulcast to promote the launch of his new book and communicate the urgent need for gospel-spreading ministry to happen in our day.

I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but there was one key story with a brother in a restricted country a buddy shared with me. It is so stirring and leaves me praying “do it again Lord!”

The story begins at 1:02:53 of the video if the link doesn’t play from there.

Protein Rich Preaching

The mother of one our church attenders visits every so often and she was with us this last Sunday. As she left she encouraged me with a compliment. “I love visiting, there is so much meat in your sermons.”

Now I am glad she notices this, but not because I have done anything special. In fact my preaching has been described as “dense” by others (you pick your definition). But it is the Word that is rich.

We have no hope beyond what is revealed in Scripture so that is where we dine, it is where we get fed for life.

It’s not too late for you to get a good meal. Open the Bible, hear the very word of God. Stock up on your protein daily.

There you will meet Jesus. The gracious and loving King.

Worthwhile: April 12, 2019

You guys, it’s April 12. Easter is next week. Spring Break. Oh my times flies.

This week one very important piece to share and a new resource that will keep on giving. Both things that are worthwhile as you embark on the weekend and the beginning of Holy Week.

First up, the piece that needs you attention, Kyle Korver on privilege. He speaks with honesty about disparity and our need to listen and pay attention.

As a white male it can be a task to recognize my privilege. We don’t see the opposite so we don’t notice our benefit against the backdrop of systemic racism in our culture.

Take up and read. Keep your eyes open.

For those keen for more solid Word and Spirit material, Advance, a church strengthening and planting movement, has just launched a podcast as a resource pile of some great teaching. Check it out.

Good news for everyone who is part of the Podcast world! Advance’s substantial conference recording library is now available as a podcast on all major apps!

The library includes every conference recording since the very first Global gathering in 2015. Now in your pocket!

iTunes https://apple.co/2Z5g7zY
Google http://bit.ly/2Gi1Ad9
Spotify https://spoti.fi/2UuztQy

Taking the Seatbelt Off

It is always encouraging to hear Matt Chandler share how his church is pressing into the gifts of the Spirit, and clinging to the Word of God. There is much from The Village Church, their intentionality as elders, and the testimonies they have, that all of us can glean from.

Here Matt sits down with the guys form The Remnant Radio to talk about it all. It is a good hour-long conversation of his thinking and story of pursuing the gifts of the Spirit.

Be encouraged.