Of the lessons we must learn from this pandemic is the utter interconnection between individuals and others, and in fact all things pertaining to life.

My actions impact my neighbor. My finances are tied to the economics of distant businesses. My food and its availability is tied to decisions about supply chain made in board rooms beyond my LinkedIn account.

All connected. All tied to each other.

For the believer this shouldn’t be new. Jeremiah gives us a picture of bringing Shalom, peace to the places we are connected, telling exiles that their success is tied to that of their neighbors.

More than ever, we should lean into our interconnectedness. Take the time to see how we are tied together and work, and live awakened to the ways we can serve and love one another.


We Need a Resurrection

The calm is eerie. Alone in places where we are used to crowds. The drone of information all warning and concern. The unknown or employment, systems, routines wrecked.

Death. Sickness. Grief.

We need a resurrection.

There is one. In Jesus. The ultimate defeat of death. The gift of eternal life.

Believe in Him.


Music Will Get Us Through

Some of the most encouraging sights coming out of this pandemic are the videos of people in Europe singing to each other, playing instruments, and using music to get through isolation. As I have watched many of them I can’t help but think how important music will be for us in the coming weeks.

Music calms us, excites us, it communicates where speech comes up short. It can remind us where our hope is found. It is central to our existence and it will get us through.

While Europe has balconies, in the States we have backyards. So crank the music (at appropriate hours mind you!) Sing to your neighbors, serenade the streets.

We will get through this together and our soundtrack is vitally important.

Go ahead and add a comment to let us know what your current jam is!