Sanctification and Weight Loss

I start diets and new exercise regimens but I rarely stick to them long term. Usually I chalk up my lack of resiliency as a result of diminished returns. I just don’t see progress that is worth the effort. And I really like sugar!

Weight loss, or just plain health, takes time. It is an invested process that arrives on the far end.

But when my perspective changes and the incremental gains (or losses at it would be) are not what is most important then the strategies are easier to stick with. When I am committed to health rather than look or longevity over momentary whims, that is where resiliency develops.

All that said, I think sanctification is similar. The significant difference being that you don’t achieve sanctification yourself, like your justification it is a gift promised and delivered by God. But you don’t reject the gift because it takes a long time.

When you set your mind on the glory of Christ, health, and longevity in him you can keep pressing on with expectancy. Petitioning the Lord to work transformation in you.

So what will it be? Angst at the process’ timeline or trust in God’s plan and promise? Let’s go with God.

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