Worthwhile January 18, 2019

The government continues its partial shutdown, not making life easy for those without paychecks. Pray for them. How will we look back on this time in our political lives? What will we learn from it?

Otherwise, let’s get to some bits that are worth you time this week. Being simple, the church in Asia and an email you want in your inbox.

First up: With the quick fad of Marie Kondo and tidying up (notice how they lured you in a resolution time) it is a good time for those placing faith and hope in Jesus versus material possessions to reflect on the health of simplicity. Myles Werntz uses more words than necessary but gives a helpful essay, especially for those of us with kids!

Read his “In Praise of Simplicity” here.

Next, and more importantly, Open Doors released their yearly ranking of the 50 most dangerous nations for Christians and Asian countries have risen on the naughty list. Be praying for those in China and India in particular.

Read Christianity Today’s coverage of the list.

Finally in the worthwhile list is Matt Anderson’s new email essays. You can subscribe and receive them in your inbox a couple of times a week. I highly recommend today’s on free speech and restricting some negative speech.

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