“We first come to God confessing that we cannot save ourselves – only Jesus can save us, and only by his cross. However, as we follow God we sometimes try to serve him in our own strength. We suffer from a kind of spiritual amnesia, forgetting that it is only by God’s grace that we can do anything good. And when we forget, we fail. But then in his mercy God reminds us that we can do all things by the strength of his grace. All of a sudden we remember that this has happened to us before. We say, “Oh yes, I remember now! I can’t make it on my own. Only Jesus can save me.” So sometimes the Christian life is like a combination of amnesia and deja vu, in which we keep learning what we keep forgetting.” – Phil Ryken, Preach the Word Commentary on Exodus, reflecting on the Passover.

It is for this reason that we consistently and only ever come back to the gospel. It is our meal of remembrance, the cure to our amnesia. Hear the good news of Jesus. Preach the good news of Jesus. Live from the good news of Jesus.

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