Every now and again I receive questions about my preaching, or my perspective on a particular text of Scripture, it just comes with the territory. Truth is though I am thankful for it because I am not the author of the Bible, nor am I error-free in my interpretation of it.

However, when I do think I have presented the sense of Scripture rightly and someone disagrees my goal is not to prove them wrong but to bring them along to the joy that is found in the grace of Christ as Scripture reveals it. And I say this because every question I have ever received in seven years of vocational ministry relates to the reality, the extent and the sufficiency of grace.

“Don’t I have to do this to be saved?” “Does grace really go this low?” “There is no way Jesus keeps me saved once I am in, I have to make sure I don’t slip up…” “Is sanctification really a promise from God?” “I have always heard that God is disappointed with me, how can he actually love me and be happy about me?” We could go on.

But it’s true, the work of Jesus for you is really that good. It sounds too good to be true, but it is. He saves, sanctifies and secures you forever, by his grace. And he will empower you by his Spirit to obedience, not to earn but as a response to what you have been given. This is what the book says, I promise! And in this good news, there is unending, all in, complete joy. It is your for the taking.

Believe in Jesus. See him and the redemptive work he came to do all over the Bible and find your joy there. He is the only real source, and he freely gives to all thirst, to all who are hungry.

May we all find the joy that is promised in the grace of Christ and may it spread to others that Jesus would be glorified and we forever changed.


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