Waiting for the Team

Our best laid plans aren’t always best. 

A good friend reminded me of this truth recently and as my little family wakes up in a hotel at Disneyland, the truth of waiting on everyone for the adventure is hitting home. 

My family has very different wake up times. I am usually up the earliest, because I am most holy of course, then I am soon followed by my oldest daughter and the other three come out of slumber a while later. This is fine and good, especially when we are home and in our own space. 

Move us to a shared room though and things can get a little more crazy. Not everyone is raring to go at 5:40 when the oldest gets dressed and is pumped to see Mickey! 

This for me is an image of the reality we face when we have family and we are attempting to bring them along the adventure we sense God is calling us to. 

Just like the sleepily family we have to trust that they will awaken eventually, after all, if it is God’s leading it will happen.

So wherever you are; gearing up for adventure, risk, the fullest life, wait on your peeps. Inspire them, give them time to join your passion and see what the Lord will do with you life of adventure together. 

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