Filling the Pulpit in Spanish and Otherwise

IMG_4412The pastor of a partner church in Tijuana, Mexico has recently been on a health sabbatical and ours has been among the church sending preachers to open God’s Word in these past weeks. Today it was my honor to preach and remind these dear saints of the lasting value and unimaginable riches of the gospel.

This was my first time preaching with an interpreter and despite my inexperience, we made it through and opened Hebrews 10 for God’s glory and our good. Preaching for me is so much about a rhythm, a flow unpacking the text before the congregation. Breaking after each thought or phrase can make this quite interesting but to the trained ear it worked just fine.

Today I am thankful for those who labor in hard places and take joy in Christ not matter their circumstance. The wonderful folks at Comunidad Cristiana increase my faith by letting me watch theirs. (And the Musical Worship was great too!)

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