Ours is a faith of redemption for the lost. Of restoration of broken things. Of a reclaiming for God what others would discard and refuse. This is the gospel. That Jesus would give of himself to rescue those abandoned by their own sin.

This is the message we take to broken places. To the abandoned venues and forgotten paths so that some might be free. I am thankful for those called to replant church and turn the soil of new works where the tending had long been forgotten. In a subcultural that screams platform and celebrity, God is using men and women, whose names we will never know, to proclaim Jesus in forgotten places. Proving that they are not forgotten by the One who redeems.

It is no easy work. It is tearing out dead wood and clearing overgrown gardens. It is adorning passageways once covered in soot. But they do it with purpose and power that the name they preach brings.

So today please pray for those preaching in forgotten places. That they would be encouraged and supported as they bring their adoration of Jesus to those destined to meet him. And while you pray, maybe ask if you are suppose to go, or maybe stay, in one of these places and preach the good news.

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