I will have more to say when I am older…

I think for pastors there are distinct seasons of life and ministry. You start with what I call the “genius” stage. You know it all, and everyone else is stupid. Then you move into the “humbled rookie” stage where you come face to face with your own incompetence (which is not bad if it forces you to rely on Jesus). From there, you land in the “getting it” stage. You know your gifts and expertise, and those of others which you openly rely on. Then you land in the “sage” stage. Ready to softly encourage the next generation with you experiential and educational wisdom. You are slow to criticize and quick to see the value in others. Then you die.

As a 37-year-old pastor who has been in vocational ministry for five years and a lead pastor for 8 months, I can confirm that I am in the humbled rookie stage. Being humbled day after day by what I don’t know and little I feel like I add the to “conversation” My hope is that I will have more to say when I am older. When I become a sage. A gentle, quiet sage. Yeah, that would be good. One day..!

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