Scripture without prejudice

“Is it not a terrible danger that some of us, sometimes, tend to read the Scriptures, not so much to be enlightened and to be taught, as to confirm our own theories, our own ideas, and our own prejudices? Now, I want to make that a universal statement. We are all guilty of it. For instance, It is the danger of the Calvinist, who looks for one thing only an ignores difficulties. It is equally the danger of the Arminian, who looks only for what he wants, and does not notice the other stresses and emphases. Each one sees only the part he wants to see, and ignores the rest. We are all guilty. – ‘What is your view of prophecy? What is your view of sanctification? What is your view on all these doctrines?’ – In the name of God, I say, let us be careful that we do not got to the Scripture with such a prejudice that we pick out only what agrees with our theory and ignore and forget the rest! Let us come to it with an open mind and an open heart and learn of it, whatever it may have to say: let us look at it in every detail, and beware of prejudice.” – D.M. Lloyd-Jones

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