All the Answers

“I wish I could tell you that I experience this often… or even that I can tell you how. But I can’t… All I know is that Jesus says it is yours.”

This was in yesterday’s sermon on Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12 and contentment. The writer of Ecclesiastes says contentment is a good gift from God but doesn’t tell you how to get it. Paul in the NT tells us he is content because of Christ but doesn’t give me steps to achieve it. So I can’t preach what isn’t there.

As I am wallowing that I am surely an ineffective preacher without answers for my faithful congregation, a friend retweets a Jared C. Wilson tweet from months ago: “You’re the preacher?” “Yes.” “So you’re the guy with all the answers.” “No, I’m the guy who points to that guy.”

Boom. I am that guy who points to the One with all the answers. This is then how I head into the pulpit, and declare Christ. He has the answers. He is the answer. He is our contentment.

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