Now What?

A pastor friend of mine asked me last week, “now what?” He was referring to what will I do now, that I am a lead pastor. He joked that becoming a pastor to a new church is like the dog that spends its life chasing tires, once he catches one, he isn’t sure what to do with it!

Thankfully, the life of a church is much different from a dog barking at cars.

Our family has a little motto we throw around when things get interesting; “to the adventure!” The church’s motto must be, “to the exaltation of Jesus and exultation in him.” That is our answer to “what now?” We will live life among a wonderful group of saints, exalting Christ and enjoying him. At every turn we will pray that the Lord would bring us together as family and that he would be glorified.

So as we unpack and start life in Escondido and at Grace Church North County, “To the adventure of exalting Jesus and exulting in him!”

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