The Worst King Never Leaves the Castle

I spend a lot of time in my office. There is just a number of things that I need to be in the building to accomplish and given that we have a large staff it is important to have a fair amount of personal interaction… and I am just a ministry director not the lead pastor!

But on a regular schedule I have to spend time other places with other people. It keeps me grounded and even a little bit more “in touch” with the lives of those I minister to. This morning I started the day at one of our coffee shop locations and was thankful I did as I had an unplanned conversation with a member of our church that was helpful and important. Those types of things don’t happen when I am locked away in my square, oak-laden office.

It is far too easy to run with my desire to study and be in a book all day and miss the real life of experience with the people around me and outside of the ministry context. I never want to be the king that never leaves the castle.

How do you ensure that you are not stuck in a rut and out of touch in ministry?

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