Acts for You

Tomorrow we begin a series on the sermons in the book of Acts at our young adult gathering. The goal is to realize the truth that is preached by the Apostles and apply their methods to our context today. The preaching of the gospel to our world, broken and very much in need of the liberating message of the kingdom of God.

The introductory sermon, “Kingdom Expansion,” will evaluate Jesus’ final words promising empowerment and making the commission to be witnesses to the end of the earth.

It is far too easy for us today to think Acts presents simply a historical account of the early church, and while that is true, it is also for us today. It is a model for enlivening our churches and reclaiming our mission. R. Kent Hughes says this of Acts:

“In our day one of the nicer things said of about the institutional church is that it is “irrelevant.” The book of Acts carries the remedy. Whether you are young and virile with Superman-like energy or restless with what you have seen of a dull, ho-hum, business-as-usual Christianity, or at the age where you are receiving birthday cards that say things like “When it’s time for a dental checkup, do you send our your teeth?” the message of Acts is for you!”

It’s true. The message of Acts, the empowerment to be witnesses of Christ and see the kingdom expand, is for you.

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