It Can Get Dark

I love Christmas. The time with family. The ability to relax and think back over the last year. The music (I play the Scrooge just to irritate my wife but I do love Christmas music). The truth that is commemorated, the arrival of Christ and the world transforming work that he would accomplish.

I like bundling up to stay warm and egg nog. I like presents. And I love the food!

Not everyone, however, looks fondly on this time of year. It can easily remind us of relational brokenness. The season can leave us feeling out-of-place and lonely. And the food, it is too often a reminder that we need to live up to our new years resolution this time…

In those darker moments of holidays and life though we need not lose hope. It is the truth we celebrate that removes our fears and gives us something to live for.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

The light of Christ shines into our world, into the dark, and he prevails. How many situations in life leave us feeling like the darkness might overcome us? Too many. But the truth is, that if we are in Christ, if we are united with Christ through repentance and belief in him, the darkness has no place over us. We are free. We are secure. We are chosen. We are heirs with Christ. From this truth I can face the darkness that remains in the world. The hard relationships. The work circumstances. The brokenness of my own heart and those around me.

The light shines and the darkness has not, will not, can not, overcome it. Let us live out this truth this Christmas.


Stunning photo by Lynn Hopwood.

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