A prayer of delight

“God of my greatest delight,

Your throne of grace is the pleasure ground of my soul – it is my truest ‘happy place.’ Here I receive forgiveness in the time of my need, here I see the smile of your face as proud Father, here joy sings the name of Jesus, here I sharpen the sword of the Spirit, bless the shield of faith, put on the helmet of salvation, gather miraculous food from your Word, am strengthened for each conflict, motivated for the long race, empowered to conquer all enemies;

Help me to come to Christ as the source of all gifts and blessing, as a wide open flood-gate of mercy and forgiveness. I am astounded by my clueless folly, that with such wonderful, enriching gifts within my reach, I am slow to reach out my hand and take them. Have mercy on my stupid deadness for your Name’s sake. Wake me up, stir me, fill me with holy passion. Strengthen me so I may hold onto you and never let you go. May you Holy Spirit, that dwells in me, grab all blessings from your hand. When I am not moving forward, I am backsliding. Let me be humble because of the things I don’t do and the evil things I have done.

Help me to realize the short amount of time, show me the work to be done, the account to be balanced, how close eternity is at this moment, and the gravity of the sin of despising your Spirit. May I never forget that your eye sees, your ear always hears, your hand is always writing.

May I never give up or rest until Christ is the pulse of my heart; the spokesman of my lips, the light leading me.”


Adapted from the Valley of Vision, The Throne.


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