Obedience and Orphancare

One of the best things going on at our church (in my opinion!) is the Orphan care ministry. A team of passionate leaders are working to live the gospel through adoption and care for those abandoned, hurt and in need. I am blessed by their work and hearts.

During our Sunday gathering they shared an update video to highlight the work God is doing through these families. On Friday my wife caught me teary eyed watching the video. In the video the a couple from Bethel discusses the process they are going through and the father, Lee Williams delivers the best line of our gathering.

Talking about the decision to pursue adoption, Lee said, “God calls us to obedience not outcomes.” Yes and amen. This is not a truth only for those adopting but for all of us as believers in Christ. His call was for obedience to what he taught and there are so many things that attempt to take us off track from that. The truth in obedience is that the outcomes are not always recognized. We spend time agonizing over the “fruit” of our obedience but I think we are looking for the wrong kinds of fruit many times.

In our obedience God will do what he chooses and the fruit may be transformation of our hearts, preparation for a future ministry or struggle, or any number of unrealized truths. The remains however for us to live in obedience, not for gain but out of gratitude for what has been granted us in Christ and the future we will have with him.

God calls us to obedience not outcomes. Let us be a people known for healthy obedience, caring for the orphan and pursuing Christ.

2 thoughts on “Obedience and Orphancare

  1. Awesome! I love that Lee shared those words. How often do we think that if the outcome isn’t OUR desire that it wasn’t God’s desire. We ned to act out of obedience not outcomes!

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