Office Culture Issues can happen at churches too

Jamie Munson has posted a great warning against office politics and provides steps to overcome an unproductive office culture. He says some warning signs of an unhealthy environment include:

  • Coworkers who feel free to talk about each other, but unable to confront issues face-to-face.
  • Certain individuals get left out of meetings, even though they should be included based on their role.
  • People are fighting for the credit and recognition, taking it away from the real source of the hard work.
  • Innovation is discouraged unless it is the leader’s or manager’s idea.
  • Employees subvert the leader’s position by resisting necessary organizational change.”

These symptoms lead to ” loss of productivity, reduced creativity, and you could even see valuable staff leave simply because of the political culture.”

Churches, since they are filled of regular ole’ humans, are just as prone to these same office dangers.

Leaders can change the culture though,  and it is their responsibility to do so. Leaders should war against these tendencies and as Christians we have a greater responsibility to do so.

See Munson’s list of ways to combat a negative culture here.

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