Why do we have to wait!

I am involved in a project to open a Christ-centered coffee shop in Richland, WA and we have been riddled with delay after delay. The proposed opening date was originally in October and we are still not open today. But there is hope that we will open soon.

Now there are certainly human realities at play in the timing. Some inexperience on my part and difficulties with the city. But the timing is decreed by God and in that fact we can have peace and rest in anticipation. This for me is often one of the toughest things to do. Trust in God’s timing.

My schedule has always been something different than what it seems God desires for me. I wanted to progress at a different pace career wise. I wanted to “arrive” much sooner. But God has not allowed me to “arrive” whatever that means! But in the process I have to trust him because I know his plan and decree is good and it works out for his glory and my good.

We are an anxious generation. We want immediacy and arrival. We don’t want to wait. But in our waiting we grow and lean into our savior that much more. Let’s determine to be godly waiters. Let us learn patient obedience and trust. Things will come. It all works for God’s glory and our good.

One thought on “Why do we have to wait!

  1. So true. I struggle daily with the patience vs instant gratification battle. Culture makes it hard to fight these days, yet, you’re right – it gives us a greater opportunity to lean into God.

    Great post. Good luck and blessings on your coffee shop mission!

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