My Greatest Ministry Failure

Dinners at our house can slide into worship sessions; we crank the volume on some of our favorite songs and just worship our savior as a family. Tonight as I was doing dishes I had the volume raised as usual but was struck by a truth that is challenging me as I am headlong into ministry.

I routinely fail to express the majesty of the One I call people to worship. I am too easily distracted by the vocation and by man’s work and lose the full view of the God I proclaim. It is my greatest ministry failure.

I am moved to tears by the reality of God’s love for us through Christ. Yet I make things about my effort or expertise and show no grace and no realization of the awe God inspires.

For those that I pastor; I want nothing but to gaze at the sufficiency of our savior together. I routinely miss the point and promise to pursue that desire more and more.

We can pontificate all day and suggest that our gifting can solve any problem but we are too easily drawn away from the truth of who God is. We are prone to wander and the remedy is to continue worshiping, to keep staring at the glory of God until we see it.

Shall we stare together?

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