Under the seal of hope

I am part of a group called “Theology Breakfast” and our meetings this summer are working through John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. It is a daunting task but one well worth it as we are being shown such a rich view of the faith and our savior, Jesus.

This morning we came across the reality of the completion of the gospel. That there is hope to be lived for; that the end in glory is something we should eagerly await.

“Although Christ offers us in the gospel a present fullness of spiritual blessings, fruition remains in the keeping of hope, until we are divested of corruptible flesh, and transformed into the glory of him who has gone before us.”

We often tell the truth of the gospel; the reality of God, our rebellion, the redemption of Christ and our response to it, but then miss the hope of revelation. The moment when Jesus declares that “it is done” in Revelation 21. The cross is glorious and we live in response to a full view of the work accomplished there, and we run our race with great hope in glory.

Be more hopeful today!

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