The Preacher’s Legacy

What will you be known for as a preacher? Your cute idiosyncracies? Your catch phrases? Your style of dress? Your dry sense of humor? Or the gospel that you preach? As I think of my future reflection back on a life of preaching, my prayer is that I will be made less and Christ be made more. That I will be continually astonished by the work of the cross and reconciliation to my creator. And that no one will remember me but remember the gospel that I preach.

Justin Buzzard has shared a great quote from a pastor looking at 40 years of preaching…

I have been preaching Christ for nearly forty years, and in the contemplation of him I am more and more filled with wonder, admiration, and joy. Perhaps this may have given some new freshness, and power and unction to my preaching. ‘O, that I all but knew him!’ In Christ there is a beauty that is unspeakable; there are wonders which human language cannot describe. If I may say so, in Christ there is a an ocean of wonders. For, how wonderful, that he who was so rich, for our sakes became poor–so poor as to have no place to lay his head. How wonderful, that he who, in heaven, is the Savior of all, should for our sakes on earth, become a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief!…This has been the principal theme of all my sermons, and hence what some are pleased to call the ‘remarkable success’ which has crowned my preaching. And to God be all the praise! -Daniel Baker.”

What will your legacy be as a preacher?

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