Why our churches need a gospel renaissance

Jared Wilson has begun a series on his blog of pastors he admires. The post this week highlights Steve Benninger’s role as lead pastor of a megachurch and how he is seeking gospel-centrality in the church after many years of “success.” Steve shares some important insights but one that shook me a little was the process through which he determined there needed to be a change.

“I began to look around at our people, especially at the young adults who had started out in the nursery twenty years prior and had gone through our entire church program. “Where is the love for Jesus?” I found myself wondering. “Where is the passion and devotion? They’ve gone around all the bases and taken everything we’ve offered, but something obviously didn’t get transmitted.”’

While I have not been part of our church long enough to have watched anyone grow up in it, I do interact with the end product of it. We invest a lot of verbal energy in our young adults, after all they are the ones taking over the church, but are we depositing astonishment at the work of Christ and undivided devotion to the Lord? These are questions that shape my ministry and why I dwell on the truth of Christ so much. Let us be about transmitting the right things.

Read the whole story here.

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