Raise them up…

In my career as a spokesman and director of public affairs activities I often trained up my deputies by letting them fly – by giving them responsibility. Now in ministry, I am all about training up others but do I really want to share my pulpit? Now I don’t have much of a pulpit – I preach at a gathering on Thursdays to young adults – but I do have the teaching reigns and I know I need to share them for training and raising up others.

Kevin Larson has an article about doing just that. We should be about discipleship and for many of us that will mean discipling other men to preach. I hope to do this as a lead pastor of a church some day but until then I want to be training up preachers along the way.

Larson gives 6 tips for doing this:

6. Expect more of leaders

5. Recruit preachers from among you

4. Provide preaching opportunities

3. Teach men to preach

2. Give helpful evaluations

1. Let people preach

Read his explanation here.

This summer at the ABIDE gathering we will be opening up the teaching role to others. For three months, our leaders will be giving public devotions/preaching as we work through our Note to Self Summer. I am excited to implement a preparation and evaluation plan as we go about it.

Are you raising up others around you to do your job?

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