Cloudy Vision

I appreciate Ryan Huguley’s words on vision. It seems that we have a lot of conversations about “vision” but rarely have one or implement one. Warning against a vague vision Huguley asks three questions; Can I communicate it? Do I have a strategy? & Are my next steps clear?

Key takeaway for me from the post is this ”¬†Inspiration without implementation is daydreaming.” I am doing far too much daydreaming…

We should be asking these questions well and then get to the work of pursuing our vision as God leads us. Check out his whole piece here and get busy with some vision.

3 thoughts on “Cloudy Vision

  1. Doesn’t Jesus give us all we need for the vision of the church in Matt 28:19-20? In all honesty, I wonder if vision would be much less cloudy and difficult to implement if we made the Great commission the vision. Just a thought.

    1. I agree AP. But it is profitable to have a strategy to achieve that implementation in our context and to actually do it.

      Vision can also be had for our families and relationships and other areas of life…

  2. Good call on family and relationships. If we’re talking church, though, the GC has the strategy: Faithful preaching of the Gospel and the Sacraments. It’s applicable to all times and all contexts.

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