To Follow Piper

The evangelical inter-webs are buzzing at the nomination of John Piper’s potential successor, Jason Meyer. Meyer’s resume and reputation are at the very least humbling at it sounds like Bethlehem Baptist will be getting a phenomenal leader and servant with fresh vision.

One item from Justin Taylor’s announcement of the news struck me however. It was in reference to Piper’s role in all this. Taylor says of Piper and the decision to find a successor, “he still has joyful energy to preach but feels increasingly incompetent and less focused for fruitful and effective visionary leadership of Bethlehem’s organization and structure; they will remain at the church (after a year away)…”

Piper is passionate about preaching and will do it until he dies, but he feels “increasingly incompetent and less focused for fruitful and effective visionary leadership…” I pray that I can become a leader like this, capable of recognizing my time of leadership has shifted. There are not many aging pastors with the same realization as Piper but certainly the same situation. I am thankful for his example and wisdom.

I think it is also significant that the Pipers will take one year away – seemingly to allow Meyer to pastor without a constant shadow which will be difficult in that situation. This is a good model for the church in general.

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