Folly of the cross

This is my reflection on 1 Corinthians 1:18-31.

We are completely confounded. What we label as wisdom has been turned on its head. What we desire as indicators is beyond belief. But the reality remains. The truth of who Christ is and what he has accomplished stands above all of our reason and mysticism.

No one may boast in his presence. God chose to do things in a fashion that is glaringly absurd. It is beyond logic and the greater folly might be when we attempt to make it logical… It all points to the cross. The intersection of disbelief and the horror of our disobedience’s earned reward. It is this place that we preach, it is this tool of freedom that we declare, it is this true work of grace that we proclaim. Many will call it silly. More will call it delusion. But He calls it purpose. He calls it a plan. He calls it an instrument of His glory.

We know the truth of the saying that this message of the cross is folly; then why do we not preach it alone. Why must we toy with truth and tinker with revelation so we might seem more clever and practical by worldly standards? Should we not reclaimed the “folly” of what the apostles preached?

We have spent too much time boasting in the wrong things. In systems, in numbers, in finances. It is time we boast in the folly. Turn others toward it. Make it our plan for life and not just a ticket to paradise. The cross, the truth of the gospel is absolutely absurd to those unchanged by God’s spirit but to those being save – catch that “being” it is ongoing – it is the power of God.

Let us pursue that power.

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