Get a tattoo for Lent…

I have been talking about tattoos lately (mostly because I have hinted at getting another one of our new ministry log – it is that cool). It is no secret that I have a couple of tattoos, one of which I will most likely cover some day, so I am not opposed to them and I don’t find biblical reasoning against them. So tat it up… appropriately!

A church in Houston is going a step further. For Lent, the reflective season before Easter, they are encouraging members of their congregation to get tattoos honoring stations of the cross. The artist in residence at Ecclesia Church created a “series of 10 tattoos representing the 14 traditional Stations of the Cross, and was asking volunteers to tattoo them to their bodies, as a way of observing the 40 days leading up to Good Friday.”

Cameron Dezen Hammon, a worship pastor at the church says “Our bodies tell our stories, whether we like it or not; as mothers and daughters, as wives and sisters and friends. As followers of Christ, our bodies should also tell his story. Not only to remind ourselves that because of that Good Friday the impossible is now possible, but also as a witness to the world around them. Some of the tattoos my friends got at Lent have found their way into my dreams. This Lenten season, as I go about the business of life, these images remind me that the Stations of the Cross tell a story of impossible cruelty, of innocence slaughtered. But they also foreshadow the greater story—that all that cruelty will be turned on its head Easter morning, that love is more permanent than death.”

Interesting Lenten challenge. Maybe we should do something like this where I minister… ha!

HT: Her.meneutics

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