Stop Leading and Start Following

Shane Sebastian has a post on the Transformed blog about the truth of some of the best leaders around us: they follow well. And the one they are following is Christ. I think too often in our culture we promote strategies to better leadership and suggest everyone should be a “leader” but perhaps our focus has been too much on the leading and not enough on the following.

If you claim Christ, your first assignment is to follow him. If we can’t get this right, maybe we shouldn’t lead.

In thinking through why he is drawn to people around him, Sebastian says “But it’s not these things they focus on to help them be fruitful servant-leaders. So, what is it? I’ve finally figured it out: It’s their desire to walk humbly with and follow Jesus.”

“I need to stop complicating leadership. Yes, I need to develop my passions and gifts. I believe God wants me to do be developed professionally, to attend conferences and work-shops, and to be a better communicator. But please, I hope I don’t go after these things in a way that would take away from my reliance upon and devotion to Jesus.”

Read the whole post here and start following!

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