Giving Up for Lent

It is fat Tuesday (no weight jokes please) and I am feeling it. It is time to give up for lent. I am not giving up a specific food or media for the 40 day period of reflection and preparation for Easter. I doubt my schedule will change much in this season although I will probably have more free time. I am simply giving up for lent. For too long I have tried things by my own strength. I have attempted to accomplsih great things (and even good things) with my own ability. I have lived a self-centered faith and it is tiring, pointless and over.

For lent I am giving up. I am learning to fully trust my savior and his sovereignty over my own. I am learning to love those around me in response to the way I have been loved. I am determining to be faithful to my God and see what might happen. This year for lent I am giving up!

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