Reaching College Students

I am not your typical college pastor. Most of those I minister to in our church are a tad older and beginning their careers. We don’t live in a college town and of the two-year schools here, the student population is small. That being said; we still minister to and disciple a number of college students and I want to be more intentional in how we reach them.

The Gospel Coalition has a great piece by J.D. Greear and Rupert Leary where they share 9 keys to reaching college students. It is well worth the read. I especially enjoy their first two points: don’t shy away from depth and preach the gospel.

Read the article here.

6 thoughts on “Reaching College Students

  1. WSU Tri-Cities is actually a 4 year institution and has around 1,500 students . CBC has over 8,000 students, and I assume that at least 75% of the students that attend are between 18 and 30.

    The reason I offer this information is because I have heard many people at local churches claim that there aren’t a lot of college students in town. That simply isn’t true. I’ve attended both schools here in the Tri-Cities, and I can attest to the fact that the Tri-Cities is far from being void of a large College student population. I’ve also worked at a couple of restaurants with many college-age people that aren’t attending school. You’re right in saying that we aren’t a college town. However, there is too large a population of college-age students in the Tri-Cities—enrolled in the local colleges or just working jobs—to simply write-off the area as being void of that age group.

      1. I think your point is semi irrelevant. This post has nothing to do with asking kids for money or relying on students to pay a preacher’s salary. Jonathan is on staff as a college director at an existing that supports him to reach out to students. The goal, I think, is to bring students into the church to hear the gospel, not to hand out bibles at a school and ask for donations.

  2. It was always so annoying on campus with this and that church group vying for your attention. The only time anyone would attend the crap was when free food was walking distance away. Free bibles given away at one point next trash can filled with those bibles. I don’t go preach to others about my ambitions. People can be good people without donating a ton of money to some preacher to get rich. Donate $100 for you to be blessed… It is sad with tough economic times the big business of church seems to be thriving new eye sores open up everywhere lol church in a shopping mall anyone? Yes bad economics but churches preying off people’s beliefs telling then donate when they could use that money to feed themselves or stimulate the economy. Instead preachers get rich. Weak minded people continue to be taken. I feel sorry for them.

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