Generation Flux

The new normal will be jobs that last no more than four years and growing chaos in our business and culture. Fast Company has a feature on “Generation Flux” and what this new class of business leaders are experiencing that will change the way the rest of us will live. It is a fascinating collection of minds and I think it is important within the church world to recognize the cultural changes and attempt to be ahead of the contextualization game when it comes to our central focus on the proclamation of the gospel.

In one article the founder of Mashable, Pete Cashmore, talks about how he founded the digital media site and how he sees the things we often take for granted (like banking) to change in the coming years. One big idea that we must embrace is that “it’s clear digital runs through everything in our culture.” What will this mean for your church that disregards new media and what Cashmore calls “digital?” Is it time of ra resource adjustment to speak into the lives of generation flux?

I prefer old school – I preach from a wooden pulpit and am routinely boring – but how am I letting “digital” run through my culture and how am I using new tools to proclaim the gospel? These are question I face everyday.

Beyond figuring out how to reach this chaotic generation though, I think there is great hope. Cashmore puts a lot of faith in human progress, he says “the need for change is overwhelming: “It’s fundamentally a good thing: Human progress is accelerating. As a species, we have so many problems. If we change fast enough, we could solve them before things become disastrous.”‘ We have the answer however and it is not the latest gadget or our ability to troubleshoot the next big crisis – our hope is in Christ and things might get more disastrous but when he speaks the words “it is done” then chaos melts and we become who we are meant to be…

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