In your face discipleship

In a conversation about having a big house, I used the idea of having those you mentor or disciple live with you as one of the reason for more square footage. To some that seemed absurd. But I believe it is important to let those you invest in see your whole life – not just the portions you want them to see when you sit down at Starbucks. It is full life discipleship, where you see all of who I am and judge what is imitating Christ and what is not.

David Walker shares some of the same thoughts, at least from a standpoint of being authentic and honest about who you are. His words are a call to discipleship and I pray that we all can get to a point where we proclaim ” I’m cashing in all my chips to make it happen…to ensure that discipleship is the primary thing my life revolves around. That I’m making sure someone who is further along in this journey is investing into me, but, likewise, that I am doing the same thing in discipling others.”

Who are you discipling? Do they see who you truly are or have you scripted what they will see?

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