Striving to be a great preacher…

Since I am new to ministry I am often trying to discern what is vitally important to ministry and in which areas I should be working to improve. For me there are many but one of importance is in teaching or preaching. Like most young guys out of seminary I know the pressure to be a great preacher. We want to be like our heroes and that often turns into a desire to “be” our heroes and we end up mimicking a celebrity pastor.  This is of no use. Even when we strive simply to honor the long-serving pastor we are learning under, we can tend to take on some of the characteristics that he is known for. We end up incapable of moving beyond his shadow and we never grow in our own abilities.

Gabriel Fluhrer has a great post on striving to be a “great” preacher (and by great he means a celebrity.) He sees our attempts to sound like other guys a lack of realization that we have our own voice and he calls young preachers to work diligently in the texts to honor God above man. “Striving for greatness before the world’s watching eyes usually means that there is a converse decline in our striving for greatness before the eyes of Him who tests the hearts of men. But if we are faithful to the text, we receive the Master’s smile, no matter who’s listening to or applauding us. Indeed, that is the one, supreme goal of the preacher’s life: knowing that Jesus knows him as a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. That’s how the Bible describes a truly great preacher.”

The post is worth a read if you are thinking of being a preacher.

I have felt great freedom to be myself and refine my skill. I have plenty of feedback and know I have a way to go but appreciate the opportunity to have my own voice.

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